[COVERAGE] Park Hae Jin Greets Fans In Open Press Conference And Handshake Event

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Park Hae Jin Greets Fans In Open Press Conference And Handshake Event
by Ellia on Thursday, April 28th, 2016 at 4:24 am


Singapore, 17 April 2016 - Korean actor, Park Hae Jin, was in town to be a part of our own Star Awards 2016. Before his participation in the award show, though, he met with fans through an open press conference.

As it was his first time in Singapore, he shared with everyone his first impression of the country, saying that it was very hot and very clean. He was also surprised by the warm welcome by the fans at the airport the night before. He also thanked the fans for gifting with him local snacks, saying that he enjoyed them a lot.

After greeting the fans and learning some Singlish from the host, he proceeded with the question-and-answer segment of the press conference, during which fans got to know him on a more personal level.

Park Hae Jin, The Actor

As his latest acting project was Yoo Jung sunbae in Cheese In The Trap, it was inevitable that questions regarding the webtoon-turned-drama production was brought up. Park Hae Jin, however, graciously accepted all questions regarding the production.

When asked if he would reprise his role as Yoo Jung in a movie version of Cheese In The Trap, he answered that there is not yet any confirmed news but if there is a chance, he would definitely be willing to participate.

He also shared a little bit about his next drama, which he reveals will involve bodyguards.

As he has been acting for a decade now, he has a number of roles under his belt. When asked about his most memorable role to date, he replied that it was Lee Jung Moon from his 2014 drama, Bad Guys. It was a role that allowed him to discover a new side of himself. He also named Kim Go Eun, who acted opposite him in Cheese In The Trap as Hong Seol, as the actress with whom he has the most chemistry.

Did you also know that he has never acted in any saeguk dramas before? He revealed that as he is fast approaching the age where he could take on the role of an emperor, he wants to try out acting as a prince first.

Park Hae Jin, The Man

A fan asked if he was lonely as he had previously mentioned that he has been single for six years.

He answers truthfully, "Of course I get lonely at times but I'm busy with work now. Also, I'm living with my family now and have the company of my family, so it isn't that bad."

He also shared that he is not a romantic person, compared to the characters that he has played.

Of course, fans were also curious about his ideal type.

He said, "it'd be nice if she was a homey person, feminine and likes children too."

Park Hae Jin mentioned once during the press conference that he wants to be able to return the fans' love and support by doing his best as an actor and taking on good acting projects. It is clear that he appreciates his fans a lot as he was also seen showering them with fan service through the open event.

He also surprised everyone with a last-minute decision to have a handshake event, making sure to get to every fan before taking his leave.

SG K-Wave would like to once again thank Faith&D Entertainment for extending the invitation to us.

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