[EVENT] Just for You: Selfie with Kang Ha Neul

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Just for You: Selfie with Kang Ha Neul
by Taiga_C on Saturday, October 31st, 2015 at 6:01 pm


October 27, 2015 – As all of you would have known by now, Korean actor Kang Ha Neul will be having two events on 31 November 2015, at Plaza Singapura, 2PM; and at Shaw Lido, 6PM.

With the many feedbacks that we have received from fans who are under 16 and fans who did not manage to get tickets to the Meet & Greet event, we at KMTV have decided to open another event just for 50 fans to meet Kang Ha Neul in a cozier setting. Fans that purchase the tickets will have a chance to get even more up-close and personal with Kang Ha Neul, as they will be able to have one (1) selfie and one (1) on-site personalized autographed poster from Kang Ha Neul himself.

More information will be released through KMTV Asia’s official Facebook page (http://facebook.com/kmtvasia), so be sure to follow KMTV on Facebook/Twitter and watch out for more exciting announcements!

Ticketing Details

Just for You: Selfie with Kang Ha Neul

Date & Time: 1 November 2015, 3PM

Venue: Clove Room, Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay (Level 5)

Ticket Price: Standard - $110 nett

One (1) Selfie + One (1) On-site Personalized Autographed Poster

Limited to 50 fans only.


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