[NEWS] China-Korea Co-produced TV Talent Competition《Super Idol》comes to Singapore for Auditions

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China-Korea Co-produced TV Talent Competition《Super Idol》comes to Singapore for Auditions
by Taiga_C on Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015 at 2:58 am


Reality TV Program 《Super Idol》 is coming to Singapore to search for potential idol candidates for their 2nd season next month. The talent-grooming show is co-produced by China and Korea, where 30 carefully selected young males will be put through rigorous training and competition in Korea. 

Mentored by top Chinese and Korean celebrities, the show will document the rigorous trainings and competitions in Korea followed by their debut and tough journey to become the most popular Chinese idol. The show has already been known especially for its stellar guest appearance lineup of over 50 Chinese and Korean celebrities.

Season 1 captivates audience with 50 over Korean and Chinese Celebrities

A joint project between Korea's 'MBC MUSIC' and China's 'TV ZONE', the audition program has the strong support of 10 over Korean and Chinese A-listers, making it the first reality program that sees the most celebrity guests appearance. Even the program’s press conference earlier this year was attended by several celebrities such as David Tao, Beast, Kim Jong Kook, Kim Woo Bin, Infinite etc.

Hosted by Korean Yura from Girl's Day, 《Super Idol》 guest mentors are no less impressive; Chinese mentors include Coco Lee, David Tao, Kenji Wu, Gary Chaw etc while Korean mentors include PSY, Kim Jong Kook, Lee Minwoo (Shinhwa) etc. Coming from both China and Korea, the mentors and trainees work together and overcome culture and music differences, resulting in a beautiful chemistry shared by a common passion. Especially noted during the program was the close friendship between Kim Jong Kook and David Tao.

Season 2 recruits from Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan

《Super Idol》is auditioning from outside of China this season, giving potential young males in Singapore a chance to seek Stardom through the program. Successful candidates will take part in the program and flown to Korea as trainees where they will be go through the tough idol training and compete against one another. 《Super Idol》 is seeking male candidates from ages 16 to 25 years who can sing, dance and able to withstand the brutal Korean training and cruel competition. Those under 18 who we wish to take part must seek parental consent.

Interested parties are required to register at
Registration concludes on 29 September 2015, 9am.

Selected candidates will be asked to take part in a live audition with the program’s Directors and Korean team between 3rd & 4th October 2015.

For more info, please visit:

《Super Idol》 Season 2 Singapore Auditions is organized by Ocean Butterflies Music.

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