[INTERVIEW] Catching Up With Ferlyn G

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Catching Up With Ferlyn G
by Ellia on Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 at 3:03 pm



After releasing her solo album, Ferlyn G has been busy with other projects. We managed to catch up with her, who was part of the recent National Day Parade Concert line-up for SG50.

1. First of all, how have you been?

I'm sure fans will want to know how everything has been for you. The past few week has been real hectic. With numerous events and a new tv drama to shoot, it was sure an early-mornings-and-late-nights period for me.

2. How did you feel when you were told that you will be part of the NDP concert celebration performance line-up?

Honored. I believe many of our local musicians would dream to have the same opportunity that I was given. So I feel really honored and blessed to be selected as one of the guest artist line-up, for the once in the life time SG50.

3. You performed at a huge-scale national event before but it was with your former group, SKarf. How did it feel to be performing alone this time for yet another national event?

Performing in a girl group is awesome, but having the huge stage and huge audience all to yourself is incredible too. Many times, depending on my audience and the event atmosphere, I would improvise my performance play. This is something you won't have the privilege to do when you're doing a routined performance with your members.

4. What was the most memorable thing performing for the NDP concert celebration?

Having all the Singaporean gathered togethet, be it fans or non fans, to clap along with me at the last 25secs of my performance. It shows the unity of my country giving support to their local talent.

5. Is there anything we can expect from you soon, perhaps a new release?

You can expect to see me in an upcoming Singapore television drama, Lion Moms, and I will also be making cameo appearance in a movie, Young & Fabulous, which will be screening at 6 different countries. Other than those, I'll be taking a break for the moment but if there are any plans, i'll definitely update you on my Instagram @imgoldfg.

6. Anything you would like to say to your fans?

Be part of the Ferbulous family if you're not one of them yet! *giggles* What are you waiting for?

For the latest updates on Ferlyn G, follow her on her Instagram now at @imgoldfg!

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