[COVERAGE] Skechers x SISTAR in Singapore

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Skechers x SISTAR in Singapore
by Ellia on Saturday, July 18th, 2015 at 2:54 pm


10 July, Singapore - Last week, SISTAR was in Singapore to celebrate the grand opening of the new Skechers flagship store located at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza. Before they attended the ceremony, though, we got to sit down with them and ask a few questions.

On their favorite pair of Skechers design, the D-Lites:

Hyorin: It really matches well with any style of outfits.

Bora: It’s also because it comes in a variety of designs. That makes it easier to match with different types of outfits as well.

Their secrets to looking sexy while wearing sneakers:

Soyu: We always wear Skechers apparel when we work out and they really bring out the best of our body line. I think that’s why we are able to look good even while wearing sneakers.

On how they maintain their hot bodies:

Dasom: We all work out regularly. We have different workout routines depending on our body types. For workouts, we do weight-lifting quite often. On top of that, we make sure to follow a healthy diet.

Their usual styles when not performing on stage:

Hyorin: Amongst the four of us, Soyu is the one who tries out a variety of styles. Be it casual or womanly, she is someone who has a different dressing styles. As for Bora and I, we usually mix casual with slight cuteness. You can say that we go for comfort. For Dasom, she has a very simple and clean style.

SISTAR x summer. What are their summer essentials?

Soyu: No matter what, sunscreen is the most important. It is important to find the right type of sunscreen for your skin type.

If they were to switch roles with another member for a day (schedule wise), who would it be and why?

Dasom: I’d like to switch with Hyorin. (Hyorin: Why~) Well, Soyu has collaborations and Bora does MC-ing. Whereas for Hyorin, her schedules cover a wide variety, be it collaborations or OST or a solo album. She is the most experienced one when it comes to performing (in the case of collaborations, like performing with Stevie Wonder).

How does Bora feel about her experiences in her recent acting gig (as she has to learn judo as well)?

Bora: I enjoyed it a lot. I also had a little experience with judo, so it was okay. The director also practises judo, so he helped me during filming as well.

What are the exercises they do to achieve their sexy waves?

Soyu: We have different trends and this year it is the hip trend. We want to bring focus to the hips, especially for Shake It, so we are doing a lot of exercises that help shape and tone our hips nicely.

Bora: For our legs, we do stretching exercises. You have to stretch properly to maintain them. We also wear heels very often and I think that it helps as well.

Their personal workout playlist:

Dasom: Hip hop.

Hyorin: Same for me. I listen to hip hop songs when working out.

Bora and Soyu: We don’t have a specific type of music we listen to, we just work out to whatever music the gym is playing.

Their favorite summer songs:

Soyu: SISTAR’s Loving U!

Where would they go to for a vacation after their comeback?

Dasom: Actually, I was in Singapore last year for a short vacation. I’d like to go to Mexico for my next vacation, if I have the chance to.

Hyorin: Anywhere with water sports.

Bora: I haven’t really experienced going abroad (for vacations) a lot, so I’d like going to places with water sports as well or Los Angeles.

Soyu: I’d like to go anywhere.

What fans can look forward to from them:

Hyorin: If we were to get #1 on a music program, we will give our fans a little treat.

The girls also performed a set of three songs - Shake It, Ma Boy and Touch My Body - after which they held an exclusive photo taking session with 100 lucky fans.

SG K-Wave would like to once again thank Skechers for extending the invitation out to us.

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