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by Jeanette on Thursday, May 14th, 2015 at 2:03 am


In Singapore for their first fan-meeting, JYPE’s newest seven membered boyband GOT7 met with the media hours ahead of their fan-meeting where they openly talked about passionate fans, SNS accounts and even answering psychological questions regarding their ideal type.

Having rise to popularity since their debut on January 16th 2014, it is no wonder that the boys of GOT7 have been in demand not just in Korea, but internationally as well. And it is without a doubt these boys have many passionate and fans who are full of zest, which was evident during their fan-meeting which took place after the press conference.

Opening their fan-meeting to a crowd of screaming girls, the boys lived up to all the buzz about them as they showcased their singing and dancing capabilities all through the night, performing songs like Gimme, Forever Young, A, Stop Stop It, Moonlight, their debut song Girls Girls Girls before all seven of the boys gathered together on stage to perform Bounce, which is a JJ Project (consisting of Jr and JB) before calling it night. Making it a even more personal fan meeting for their fans in Singapore, the boys even added some Singlish during their short Q&A session. From finding out who is the most talkative member, the slowest member to who is best dancer, we are quite sure GOT7’s fans already knew the answer without even having the boys answer these questions.

And as with every fan meeting, it would not be complete without interactions with the fans. Lucky fans were picked from the crowd to go on stage to play games such as guessing the member’s voices while blind folded, to partnering up with the boys and striking a model pose with them. Winners of each game section got to go home with autographed posters, albums and a photo opportunity with GOT7. Throughout the night, the boys of GOT7 showed everyone their cheeky and fun side as well as their serious and charismatic side. Before bidding the boys goodbye, the fans prepared a special surprise video for GOT7 and even celebrated BamBam’s birthday for him.

Jackon: “Instead of clapping for us, I think our IGOT7s also deserves a round of applause for themselves tonight.” Indeed, it was a unforgettable experience for both GOT7 and their fans at their first ever fan meeting. GOT7 promises to do their best and come back to Singapore again, hopefully on a bigger stage for their solo concert in the future.

SG K-Wave would like to thank LEAP-IMS for extending their media invitation to us. Photos without watermark belongs to LEAP-IMS.

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