[COVERAGE] Ha Ji Won 1st Asia Tour in Singapore

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Ha Ji Won 1st Asia Tour in Singapore
by Jeanette on Saturday, January 10th, 2015 at 12:00 am


January 10, 2015 – Back in Singapore the second time for to kick start her fanmeet titled "Bridge To Friendship", Ha Ji won wowed her fans with ther sincerity and interaction.

She started her fanmeet by singing "That Women", an official soundtrack from one of her famous drama "Secret Garden". And throughout the night, Ha Ji Won tried her very best to communicate with her fans in English directly. Her fans found out later through a short interview that Ha Ji Won has been learning English so that she can meet her fans in Singapore as well as in preparation for her work in Hollywood.

As always, a fanmeet is not complete without a interactive games section. Lucky fans who were selveted got to go on stage to complete different missions which had to do with the many dramas that Ha Ji Won acted in. For example, in the Secret Garden mission where Ha Ji Won acted as Gil Ra-Im, fans have to get as much cuppucino foam as they possibly can on their lips and the winner gets to walk away with a solo picture taken with the actress herself.

Although she may not be a professional singer, Ha Ji Won went the extra mile to prepare a special stage for her fans, with the help of her staff. Before she came back on stage performing "对面的女孩看过来" (titled Look Over Here Boy Infront of Me), a video of the actress practicing for this special stage with her staff admist her busy schedule was aired. This further proved Ha Ji Won's sincerity towards her fans.

Ha Ji Won also mentioned that her favourite Singaporean dish was Laksa and she was also disappointed that she might not get the chance to eat it during the trip. On the topic of food, the A-List actress also invited fans over to Korea and jokingly commented that if the fans are ever in Korea, to go look for her and she will gladly buy them food. We are sure many of her fans are looking forward to it.

The night came to in an end with a hi-touch session with Ha Ji Won and her fans were in for a pleasant surprised when they were all given a soap bar which had her signature carved on it! Definitely a sweet memory for her fans that night! Aptly titled "Bridge To Friendship", Ha Ji Won definitely showed everyone present that night that she didn't just have an idol-fan relationship with her fans, but it seems like she was their friend.

We would like to thank KMTV for extending their media invitation to us to cover the event.

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