[COVERAGE] Former SKarf Member, Ferlyn G, Returns With “FIRST” Solo Release

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Former SKarf Member, Ferlyn G, Returns With “FIRST” Solo Release
by Ellia on Sunday, January 18th, 2015 at 2:59 pm


After announcing that she would be leaving the Singaporean-Korean girl group SKarf last year, Ferlyn G (formerly known as Ferlyn) has returned with a solo release and has chosen to celebrate her debut with her fans at Bugis+ on 2 January.

The charismatic singer-dancer took to stage with her single, LUV TALK, a dance track that showcases her multi-lingual abilities (singing and rapping the song in both Mandarin and Korean!) and dancing abilities. Fans were also treated to a special guest appearance from Tiny G member, Mint, who also featured on the song.

When asked about their friendship, they answered that they met on a Korean program, after which they became fast friends. Mint not only expressed her appreciation towards Ferlyn G for getting her to feature in her solo track but also her wishes to return to Singapore again.

Ferlyn G also shared that there is a lot of pressure as a solo artiste than when she was in a group, especially since she was thoroughly involved in preparing her solo launch.

She later performed a Mandarin ballad, called 不见不散, showcasing her improved vocals before ending the event with a fansign session.

Here are the clips of her performances:

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