[INTERVIEW] Sundown Festival 2013: Interview With AOA

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Sundown Festival 2013: Interview With AOA
by Ellia on Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 at 3:40 am


Singapore, 12 November 2013 - The lovely ladies of AOA (Ace of Angels) will be in Singapore this weekend for Sundown Festival 2013, an annual music festival that unites music in Asia. This year's Sundown Festival will feature artistes from 8 different countries, with AOA representing Korea.

We got the opportunity to ask AOA a couple of questions before their arrival this weekend. They shared their thoughts on the concept of their group and image and tips that fellow label mates and seniors (FT Island and CN Blue) have shared with them.

1. AOA made their debut with a special concept, with each member being assigned the title of The Angel Of ___. How did you feel when you first knew that this would be your concept?

When we heard our concept for the first time, we were embarrassed about it. However, people remembered our title ‘The Angel of ____’ very well after our debut so we were very satisfied later.

2. Tell us more about your latest comeback song, "Confused".

Our song ‘Confused’ is dance genre that showcases our impressive arrangement. Unlike before, you will see a more mature side of us. We also tried our best to express the emotions of the song. The main point of "Confused" are the lyrics and melody, both of which are highly addictive, that expresses a confused mind.

The main dance of ‘Confused’ is the ‘lip dance’ and it will be fun if you watch our performances. We call it the ‘lip dance’ because we put our fingers to our lips and it expresses the feeling of a confused mind, like the song title.

There is also a sexier choreography like the ‘sofa dance’ and the ‘stretching dance’. Please enjoy our performances with us.

3. For AOA Black: Have fellow label artistes and seniors, FT Island CN Blue, shared any tips on how to handle live performances (with the instruments, etc)?

Yes, they gave us a lot advice about live performances. The first thing they told us is to be patient. Also, they mentioned that we need to practice a lot in order to showcase our abilities on the stage.

They also advised us to have confidence and taught us how to control and react to unexpected accidents that may occur on stage.

They were very helpful because they are very experienced performers.

4. Several members have tried already acting. Would the other members want to try out acting as well and what kind of roles do they wish to play?

Before our debut as AOA, we had acting lessons so we all want to act. If we have a chance to act, we want to have a role which is the opposite character of ourselves.

Seol Hyun is now acting for TV daily drama (못난이주의보) on SBS. Hye Jeong had done SBS TV drama ‘Cheongdam-dong Alice’(청담동 앨리스) early this year and Min A had done her first acting debut on KBS drama special ‘Adolescene Medley’(사춘기 메들리).

Also, Cho-A played in a musical ‘High School Musical’ with the main role ‘Gabriella’ and Yuna did a Japanese Musical ‘Summer Snow’ with the role of 'Seol Hee'.

We are continuing our acting activities as well.

5. Now that it will be your second time in Singapore, is there anything that you look forward to doing and/or any places you wish to visit that you haven't for your first trip?

When we visited Singapore last year, we couldn’t look around because of the schedule. This time we want to go sightseeing and eat delicious food.

Oh! We really want to try chili crab. We had it last time and we loved it!

6. How do you feel about being the representative group from Korea for Sundown Festival 2013 (since it is a music festival that gathers different music in Asia).

It is our pleasure to be the representative group of Korea. We are practicing very hard to present performances that everybody will enjoy and love.

When we performed for ‘Music Matters’ last year, many fans welcomed us and we really appreciated it. This year, we want our fans to enjoy our stage like last year.

7. With Sundown Festival 2013, AOA will have been in Singapore twice already. As both are big-scale events with other artistes, your fans in Singapore want to know when you girls will return for AOA's very own showcase.

There is nothing decided yet. If we do our own showcase in Singapore, we will be very glad. If many Singapore fans are interested in AOA and continue to love us, we may have a showcase some time!

8. Lastly, do say something to the fans who are waiting for you in Singapore!

Hello, every fan in Singapore! Last year, we were in Singapore for Music Matters and this year, we are going to perform as AOA and AOA-Black on the Sundown Festival 2013 stage. We are really practicing hard.

We are looking forward to meet you in Singapore soon. We always appreciate your interest in AOA. Thank you!

Sundown Festival 2013 will be held on 16 November 2013 (Saturday) at Marina Promenade (F1 pit area, behind the Singapore Flyer).

We would like to once again thank AOA for gracing us with this interview.

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