[COVERAGE] Vizit Korea 2013: Sung Dong-Il, Lee Chae Young, A-Pink and NU'EST attends Press Conference

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Vizit Korea 2013: Sung Dong-Il, Lee Chae Young, A-Pink and NU'EST attends Press Conference
by Ellia on Tuesday, November 12th, 2013 at 5:07 pm


Singapore, 25 October 2013 - The press conference of Vizit Korea 2013, an exhibition that looks to promote the different attractions of Korea, saw several stars from Korea sharing their thoughts on visiting Korea.

Sung Dong-Il from "Appa, Where Are You Going?"

The veteran actors greeted everybody in English with a bright smile, immediately expressing his likes for Singapore.

He shared that as it was his first time visiting, he also brought his family with him, including his son, Joon, who was on the program "Appa, Where Are You Going?" with him. The little boy then stood up to wave at everybody, unfazed by the cameras flashing and fans cheering.

He also shared his thoughts on being on the same program as his song, "I get to hang out with my son and spend more time with him, which is really good. However, I feel that everybody is spoiling him with too much love."

When asked if the program will bring filming overseas, he laughed and answered that because he likes Singapore so much, he will tell the producer of the program about it upon returning to Korea.

On top of that, he thanked everybody for loving Korea, be it for KPOP, the dramas and movies or the culture.

A-Pink and NU'EST promotes visiting Korea

Both groups thanked everybody for inviting them to Vizit Korea 2013, saying how it is an honor to be able to represent Korea and to promote their country.

NU'EST's Aron recommended visiting Dongdaemun, as there are not only many street food to choose from, it is also a shopping area that opens 24 hours long. Meanwhile, Namjoo from A-Pink recommended visiting Jeju for the beautiful scenery.

The questions then moved to focus on their music, with NU'EST sharing their favorite songs from their recent album. They each listed "Beautiful Girls", "Don't Dress Up Too Sexily", "I'll Love You A Little More" and "Pretty".

They also voted for a member with the best variety skills. A-Pink voted for Bomi and NU'EST voted for Ren.

As their showcase was to be held later that evening, A-Pink told the waiting fans to look forward to their performances as they have prepared a lot.

We would like to once again thank MediaCorp VizPro International Pte Ltd for extending the invitation out to SG K-Wave.

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