[COVERAGE] Vizit Korea 2013: A-Pink Holds "Secret Garden in Singapore" Showcase

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Vizit Korea 2013: A-Pink Holds "Secret Garden in Singapore" Showcase
by Ellia on Tuesday, November 12th, 2013 at 4:48 pm


Singapore, 25 October 2013 - As part of Vizit Korea 2013, three of Korea's most loved groups were invited to perform for each day of the exhibition. Today's showcase features A-Pink, a six-membered girl group (members: Chorong, Bomi, Namjoo, Eunji, Na-eun and Nayoung).

As a little treat for the present fans, NU'EST appeared first to perform "Sleep Talking", much to the delight of everybody. It was a preview to their showcase that was to be held the next day. As soon as they left the stage, the night's star, A-Pink, took to stage.

They started the night with "I Don't Know", appearing in coordinating pink outfits that reflects the bright energy of the group. Right after the first song, they performed "Bu Bi Bu", with Eunji introducing the song in English.

When they stopped to greet their fans, affectionately known as Pandas, they also shared their thoughts on Singapore and the places that they would love to visit, including the Merlion and the Infinity Pool at Marina Bay Sands.

Chorong, leader of the group, took the lead by saying that visiting Singapore has a special meaning for them as it is where they won their rookie award in 2011.

Bomi added on, "We feel more responsibility to perform even better now that we are not rookies."

Both Eunji and Na-eun also shared that their attitude towards performing on stage has changed as they feel more comfortable now and that being able to travel around to meet their fans is a bonus.

The next segment saw Pandas shouting out the names of their favorite members, as it was asked who the girls thought was the most popular member in Singapore. Everybody voted for each other, pinpointing each others' good points.

They then continued with the showcase, performing "My My" and "U You", before retreating backstage for a short break. In the meanwhile, a video of them preparing for their recent "No No No" comeback played. When they returned to stage, they continued with performances of other hit songs.

A-Pink also interacted with Pandas through several segments, including a lucky draw segment that saw them picking fans onstage. Six lucky fans not only received prizes from the girls but also a photograph and a hug, much to the envy of the watching fans.

As they drew nearer to the end of the showcase, Chorong shared that it has been a lovely day being able to see everybody and thanked Pandas for always supporting them from afar. They also took a group picture with all the Pandas present and showed lots of fan service.

Finally came the highlight of the night and the song that everybody has been waiting for, "No No No". Fanchants were extremely loud for this song and the six girls of A-Pink smiled brightly as they performed, waving to Pandas as they performed.

Before they left the stage, Bomi expressed how much she has enjoyed the night and hoped that everybody has also enjoyed themselves, while Na-eun thanked everybody who had come to watch their showcase on behalf of the group in fluent English.

We would like to once again thank MediaCorp VizPro International Pte Ltd for extending the invitation out to SG K-Wave.

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