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KpopX Fitness
by Taiga_C on Saturday, October 19th, 2013 at 3:48 pm


Korean wave (Hallyu) has invaded Singapore! Korean Drama, Korean Food, K-pop Songs, are all these sound familiar to you? Yes, these are some of the words that ring to your ear nowadays and many people are following! And now, it has come with brand new keyword, KpopX Fitness!

KpopX Fitness is a new concept recently launched in Dec 2012 by Maddy Lim. The participants are mostly in their 20s to 30s and are intrigued by this trendy and creative K-pop dance-and-aerobics fitness concept.

KpopX Fitness workout cleverly combines simplified & modified K-pop signature dance moves (Yes, those dances you saw on famous Kpop Music Video!) with cardio, aerobics and body toning exercises. It allows one to achieve weight loss & body toning effects by dance exercise to continuous K-pop hit songs e.g. Fantastic Baby, Crayon (The Big bang), Mr. Taxi (SNSD), I'm the Best (2ne1), Sorry Sorry (Super junior). One can dance fitness up to 14 Kpop songs within an hour. (K-pop is short for Korean Pop music). Up to now, there have been almost 100 Kpop songs turned into KpopX Fitness workout routines.

KpopX Fitness presents the simplified K-pop dance moves as the fun element and its emphasis is on achieving individuals’ cardio and fitness goals in this program.

KpopX Fitness program is high in intensity, unique and surely full of entertaining values. It is designed in a way that it would satisfy K-pop fans that want a quick fix, it would also allow anyone without dance or aerobics background to dance to their heart’s content while enjoying health and fitness benefits.

Maddy Lim is in the beginning of starting something big, and is confident and determined to make KpopX Fitness, a true blue Singapore brand into a national fitness program and then to become an international brand. Infact, several Community centres are already starting to launch KpopX Fitness program even KpopX Fitness for kids, seniors & happy family bonding! Check it out at

For more information about classes and schedule, please contact:

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