[COVERAGE] Kim Ki Bum Memory of Love Fanmeet in Singapore Press Conference

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Kim Ki Bum Memory of Love Fanmeet in Singapore Press Conference
by Rubecca on Friday, October 04th, 2013 at 1:24 pm


On a Thursday evening on the 12th, we managed to see the long-awaited Super Junior member Kim Ki Bum, who has ventured into acting since 2009 and acted in Korean dramas such as I love Lee Tae Ri and participated in Mainland Chinese Dramas Lucky Tianbao (吉祥天宝) and The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (天龙八部) recently. This is his first time in Singapore having a fanmeet with E.L.Fs after a long hiatus from activities with Super Junior, and he divulged more of his acting career to us.

“My name is Kim Ki Bum and I am from Korea,” He introduces himself. “This is my first time here in Singapore, and I hope to have a memorable time here.”

Kibum stated that his first impression of Singapore was that Singapore is a quiet, peaceful and clean country from what he’ve seen on the way to the hotel from the airport after he landed. He hopes to explore more of Singapore for the rest of his short and sweet journey here.

He also confessed that when he first started filming in China, he thought that language would be the greatest barrier to him. Due to a tight schedule with time constraints, he couldn’t spend much time on studying and mastering the Chinese Language. Although the script was translated into Korean for him, he still had to memorise the lines well to know where each character’s part ended and it gets even more confusing when there are many characters involved. This is also the hardest part and a tough brain exercise for him during the filming period.

The major difference between Korean and Chinese dramas would be that for Korean dramas, they are filmed and broadcasted concurrently but for the latter, the entire drama is filmed beforehand. This allowed ample time for him to discuss with the crew on how to portray his role even better and definitely more relaxing. The communication between the crew and the director would be somehow similar though with the way of talking and thinking.

Kibum stated an interest in filming modern Chinese dramas after trying out a different genre, Chinese action dramas with a historical concept.

Kibum actually analyses the role he’s assigned to upon receiving the script and does his homework. Like for instance, for his role in his recent drama Lucky Tianbao, his role is a 25 year old adult male but a 14 year old boy lives in him. He actually went out to observe how most 14 year olds from high and elementary schools near his place behave for a whole 2-3 months.

“I would want to try playing a villain role one day,” He mentioned. “I’ve been wanting to challenge myself to such a role since my debut in the acting scene and this is one that I have yet to try. An evil character would be that I’m being classified as one of such but to me, I’m just doing what’s right.”

On to talk about his nickname “Killer Smile” endorsed by his fans, he laughed and admitted that he tend to smile a lot and loves this nickname himself. It would be embarrassing to read his smile himself though and he thanks his fans for giving him this nickname and their ardent support for him.

The name of Kibum’s upcoming fanmeet “Memory of Love” actually means when he’s with his fans or the director and crew during filming. The main purpose of the fanmeet would be spending time, have fun and communicate with the fans and showing himself to them. He has just ended his fanmeet in Hong Kong, and he promises an upgrade for Singapore’s. He hopes fans can decide the highlight of the fanmeet themselves.

He wishes to spend more time with his mother and fans followed by communicating with the latter before the year 2013 ends as his filming schedule previously has been tight.

“It was really nervous for me to meet my fans in Hong Kong and also in Singapore. This may be due to my different impressions of the two countries. Tomorrow, during the fanmeet, I hope to reveal to my fans my real self and get to know how Singaporean fans are like. I am really looking forward to tomorrow and I want to meet my fans as soon as possible,” Kibum expresses his heartfelt words to his Singaporean fans.

We would like to once again thank Fast Track Events for extending this invitation to us.

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