[FASHION] Celebrity Show Host, Lee Teng, launches new store - Ground Zero

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Celebrity Show Host, Lee Teng, launches new store - Ground Zero
by Sarah on Sunday, June 30th, 2013 at 4:08 pm


Attention to all fashionistas out there! Always been interested in jumping on the ‘Korean fashion’ wagon? Or always wanted to own something that Korean stars have as well? Well, SG K-Wave was invited to the soft launch of Ground Zero at Orchard SCAPE on the 28th of June 2013 to check out the store and in particular the introduction of ‘SNRD’ aka 2-round/second round into Singapore’s fashion market!

With an impossible-to-miss store location as you enter the Scape building, Ground Zero is a new store launched by famous celebrity show host Lee Teng. It carries street cultured apparel of only 3 brands of which 2 are Korean and 1 is Taiwanese.

Lee Teng’s decision to open such a store was actually spurred by his desire to display all the toys that he has spent thousands on. Though he only started collecting them from 2-3 years back, his collection is already huge and finds great interest in such collectables. He is also extremely interested in the street and underground culture, and finds great passion in dance though he does not perform professionally.

The Taiwanese brand, AES, was established in 2008 by Taiwanese writer, show-host and singer Xiao Gui (Huang Hon Sheng), and carries very limited and rare male clothing and are known for the skull images as well as heavy metal and street culture influence. Lee Teng mentioned that he has specially accumulated all the AES pieces that you will be able to see in Ground Zero as the pieces are extremely exclusive and rare – sometimes even only releasing one piece a week! He also stated that he himself will wear AES clothes if he feels like keeping a down-low feel to his look (if he feels more outgoing, he will wear items from Stage, another store that he owns in Far East Plaza). When asked why Lee Teng wanted to bring the brand AES into Singapore, he answered that he liked the fact that the pieces were so limited, making him feel exclusive when he wore them.

T-Level (Technologic-level) is a Korean brand that designs backpacks and waist bags inspired by the diversity of urban lifestyle to project an urban attitude along with a unique individual charisma. It is designed to provide utmost comfort, functionality and practicality for its users while still keeping designs trendy and charismatic.

SNRD eyewear is currently the most sought after eyewear in Korea. SNRD’s unique frames attract fans of all ages, definitely making a statement in the fashion industry in Korea. Besides just being a fashion symbol, all SNRD eyewear have passed various tests conducted by Daegu Design Centre (fyi: Daegu is actually known as the “city of glasses” in Korea) for its practical usage. They even have a kids range!

(kids range where the whole frame is smaller and can be worn by those who have generally smaller faces)

CEO of SNRD told SG K-Wave that he takes pride in the fact that his eyewear is definitely more durable (due to the fact that the arms of the frame can actually bend and are much more flexible than your typical pair of shades) and are incredibly light as compared to similar brands of eyewear in the market. Global Sales and Marketing Manager of SNRD also mentioned that SNRD is not just a brand located in Korea but has moved on to other parts of Asia, such as Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and now Singapore. He also added that there are small shops as well in Italy. SNRD has also further solidified a name for itself by working with sports events held in Korea as well as partnering a variety of brands in Korea, even cosmetics!

(left is Global Sales and Marketing Manager of SNRD, right is CEO of SNRD)

The interesting thing about SNRD eyewear that we noticed and was further explained to us by SNRD’s CEO, was that on the inside of the arms of the frame are actually designs. One that was particularly intriguing was the ‘Jellybean’ collection, that came in different colours that represented different flavours of jellybeans. Another interesting fact is that the arms of SNRD eyewear can actually be changed! Essentially, once you have a pair, all you need to do is purchase something called a “charge pack” that contains different design of frame arms that you can change based on your mood for the day!

SNRD’s CEO also stated that SNRD actually participates in much collaboration regarding their eyewear. They have done so with sports and camping related brands in Korea and will continue to do so as long as there is a reason for it and interest to do so. We hope to look forward to the many interesting designs to come!

Ground Zero’s philosophy is ‘Zero is the beginning of all, and the compromise of none”. “Zero is the beginning of all; for that, we will challenge ourselves to establish a brand with a strong identity of its own, providing a series of finest products in the apparel industry”. Ground Zero will have weekly launches of its limited edition lines with 20 pieces of shirts, and at most 10 pieces of hats, so as to enhance the exclusive factor.

For the launch party held that night, Korean DJs were also specially flown in and are actually DJs for SNRD (as SNRD holds parties almost every weekend in Korea, these are the DJs that will hit the stage and pump up the crowd with their rocking house influenced music).

(DJs from left to right, Gon, Acorn, Airmix (who is part of the duo Double Strike) and Kyper)

The official launch of Ground Zero is on the 14th of July 2013, where Xiao Gui himself will be gracing the occasion. If you want to support Ground Zero, do remember to head down to SCAPE level 2.

We would once again like to thank Ground Zero for inviting us to cover their soft launch as well as Ground Zero and SNRD for presenting us with door gifts.

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