[INTERVIEW] Interview with KPOP Star Hunt Season 2 Singapore representative, Anthea Wang

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Interview with KPOP Star Hunt Season 2 Singapore representative, Anthea Wang
by Ellia on Friday, January 25th, 2013 at 7:56 am


Nothing is more satisfying than following your heart and going after your dreams. And that is exactly what 17-year-old Anthea Wang Yi Thong did.

After coming in first place for the Singapore leg of KPOP Star Hunt Season 2 last year, she and first runner-up Rendy Lauwady flew to Korea for an exclusive training with CUBE Entertainment before competing with the other contestants from the other participating countries.

Anthea has since returned to Singapore and SG K-Wave has managed to interview her to find out more about her journey.

1. What were your worries when you first arrived in Korea for KPOP Star Hunt Season 2?
Anthea (A): I was worried about being portrayed as a totally different person because of the way the show was edited - sometimes television shows are edited to make them seem more interesting.

2. How did you prepare yourself for the training in Korea?
A: I tried to learn basic Korean before going to Korea. I also increased the time spent on vocal lessons and the number of classes i had a week.

3. What do you think you could have done better during the contest?
A: I could've been stronger and not let myself get affected by comments I read about myself online, or being overshadowed by the other contestants.

4. What was the most memorable event that happened when you were in Korea (can be with regards to anything).
A: After we were eliminated, Sammie (Vietnam) and I chose to stay on for a week. We visited a theme park called overland and since Sammie had never been on a roller coaster before, we decided to take one together. I was so afraid I closed my eyes and gripped on tightly to the safety bars, not making a sound until the whole ride was over. Sammie really enjoyed it though - she was screaming at the top of her lungs. By the time we got off, I was feeling too dizzy to walk properly and she promised me that she wouldn't force me to go onto anymore scary rides. it's really hilarious thinking back about it now.

5. Now that you have come this far, what would you like to say to yourself back when you were preparing for the training in Korea?
A: Stay strong, Anthea. Don't cry.

6. Who was the contestant you thought would really be able to win the contest?
A: Ling Ling from Thailand.

7. Has there been any moments when you felt like you couldn't do it anymore/ wanted to just give up?
A: Yes. But with the help from all the other participants of the contest, I managed to stay strong. Even though we were supposed to be competing with one another, we always gave each other encouraging words and helped each other out.

Watch KPOP Star Hunt Season 2, hosted by Tony An, airing every Saturday at 10pm on Channel M!

mio TV Channel 518 (HD)
Starhub TV Channel 824/ 874 (HD)

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