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by Ellia on Tuesday, October 30th, 2012 at 10:36 am


TGIF! Thank goodness, it's finally Friday night!

KPOP fans, however, may find themselves saying, "TGIF! Come on, I need to rush home to watch 'Music Bank'! Ppalli, ppalli!"

We find ourselves looking forward to the start of the weekends more often than ever, because we have left even more things to be done and caught up on to the weekends. Friday nights may not an 'exclusive' for KPOP fans, those nights represent the beginning of an entire weekend of spazzing, spazzing and more spazzing- all without the worries of "I have school tomorrow, so I cannot stay up too late!". Although, we all know (and are guilty of), "what is sleep when I can opera?!".

Hence, we would like to share with you the Top 10 Things that KPOP Fans Do On Friday Nights. This comes with a disclaimer, though: not all activities shared below are what we really do every Friday night but fellow fangirls, I know your hearts, I know.


1. Attend KPOP or KPOP-related events

Okay, we cheat- but do you dare deny that if there was any KPOP or KPOP-related event happening in town, you would not attend it?

Whether it is to rush out of the school gates to flag a cab to make it down to the event venue in time (or way before time, because we all know that the earlier the better), or to prepare for an overnight queueing for a concert (not that we encourage it), we all somewhat enjoy the adrenaline that pumps through our veins during such occasions.

The constant exchange of SMSes (or Whatsapp messages) just to update each other on what is happening and the inevitable "where are you now?!" when it is almost time and yet some friends are yet to be in sight- all of these are what makes a Friday about-to-be-filled-with-KPOP night exciting.

And then there are the KPOP events that are taking place in the neighboring countries. As long as you are of age and can take care of yourself in a foreign country, we don't see why you cannot hop onto a plane to attend the nearest KPOP event… hoping all the time that you would be able to bump into somebody at the airport. Yes, I know.

After all, Friday nights have to be exciting! And because fangirls can dream.

2. Rush home from wherever you are to catch 'Music Bank'

Although weekend music programs begin on Thursday evenings with MNET! Countdown, we are able to watch 'Music Bank' at the same time it is being recorded and aired in Korea.

While there may be live streaming and Youtube videos that we can later repeatedly watch, nothing really beats being able to watch them perform on the house's big screen. The wait for whoever you are waiting for may be long (and painful, especially if it is a comeback stage) but always worth it.

Furthermore, cable tv these days are equipped with a recording function. Record the performances you want and replay it over and over again later! Never mind if you cannot create any GIFs from your recordings- at least they are yours to keep and watch in the comfort of your own room!

3. Korean BBQ dinner

Sitting around a table and taking turns to flip the meat on the pan (or giving the honor to the maknae of the group). Wrapping the cooked meat in lettuce and feeding one another, sometimes secretly stuffing a garlic or two in a wrap to see your friend cough in dismay (from the taste of garlic) and alarm.

It is fun watching Korean celebrities enjoy Korean cuisine on variety programs but it is more fun being able to personally enjoy the food. There are many Korean restaurants in Singapore, so if you haven't, why not head down soon?

4. Sing as long as possible at a karaoke

In other words, it means to select every KPOP songs available on the song list and spend the next hours imitating our oppars and unnies.

Never mind if there are only two microphones available, because we can always 1) bring our own microphones or 2) have the others dance while the others sing! It is okay if there is insufficient space, because we can always 1) move the table away (if it can be moved) or 2) stand on the sofa (remember to remove your shoes)!

There is no need to worry about disturbing your parents or your neighbors when you try to hit that high note, or having to pretend that you are just stretching when the door suddenly opens just as you are about to break into the choreography of the chorus.

5. Catch up on dramas and variety programs

We all know that while KPOP refers to Korean pop music, KPOP, to us, is not really only Korean pop music. It includes K-dramas and the variety programs, all of which makes us laugh and cry, just like KPOP does.

Fan-subbing of the dramas and variety programs are released every other day of the week but for those who have assignments and projects to rush, it is impossible to watch them the moment they are released. Okay, it is not exactly impossible; it is just always better to fulfill our academic responsibilities before indulging in the latest 'Running Man' episodes.

This is why, for the KPOP fans who prefer to stay in, Friday nights are important. We get to stay up all night to catch up on the dramas and variety programs, with back-to-back episodes. Should the episode of the drama force us into tears, we don't even have to worry about our puffy eyes (been through it)! Unless, of course, you have to go out the next day (been through it too). That, my friend, is a different story.

6. Catch up on the latest fandom news with your fellow fandom friends

Social media, especially Twitter, has allowed us to connect with fellow fandom friends (affectionately known as our Tlist) from all over the world. If we don't have any friends who are fans of the group that you are in love with, we still have our Tlist to spazz with.

It has also added efficiency to the sharing of news; we no longer have to wait for days just to have a piece of news translated. This also means that besides bookmarking websites, we are now also able to favorite a tweet, saving it to our profile for later viewing (refer to above: completing assignments first). Yes, fancams are very tempting but it is painful to have to hold that squeal in because you are still in school. And because fancams pop up at a very fast speed, nothing works better than clicking that 'favorite' button.

This also includes logging onto fansites or forums for the latest updates, be it a recent newspaper article on our KPOP idols or their latest airport fashion.

Did you know? SGK-Wave post updates on the latest KPOP and KPOP-related events in Singapore, too (coughs).

7. Meet-ups

It could be meet-ups with fellow fangirls for a simple catch-up session, or a gathering at a Korean restaurant for a night of laughter and spazzing. Or, it could also be to meet up with sellers from whom you have ordered the latest albums or merchandise from.

8. Read fanfics

It is correctly known as fan fiction but admit it, nobody really calls it fan fiction. In the world of KPOP (and other fandoms), they are called fanfics. The pieces of writings that we would rather read than the assigned readings for tomorrow's class may be only fanfics but to most of us, they are more than that.

On a slightly serious note, they are methods through which we can actually improve our writing and other aspects of English. If we were never gave writing a second thought before, reading fanfics could actually set off that little spark of interest in us! Nothing is more satisfying than being able to put down in words the scenarios you have conjured in your mind. And the comments from your readers! Don't they give you the push to continue writing, even if it was only jut one person reading?

On the not-so-serious note, fanfics provide us with means to express our fantasies and imaginations. Never mind if they are ridiculous or absurd, because as long as we can imagine it, they make us laugh and that is what we all need on a Friday night! Moreover, there are tons of fanfics for us to choose from, so there is never the need to worry about having nothing to read next.

And hey, don't think we don't know what you are reading. Like I said before, fellow fangirls, I know your heart.

9. Camp on Tumblr

Next to Twitter, Tumblr seems to be the next fangirl heaven. Where there is an abundance of GIFs, self-created graphics and hilarious MEMEs- all created by ourselves and fellow fandom friends- there will also be an abundance of appreciation. This also brings fandom interaction to a whole new level, don't you think?

We can either save the images in our laptops or 'like' a post (like we do on Twitter) to keep it in our personal archive. After all, there is only so much space on our laptops and only so much hard disks we afford to buy.

And oh, a personal message to fellow fangirls who post on Tumblr: great job with the "Expectations VS Reality" MEMEs. I enjoy them the most.

10. Practice KPOP dances

KPOP has introduced to most of us a new hobby: dancing. Whether you are part of a dance crew or are just dancing for fun, weekends are a good time to get together with everybody else to practice the latest KPOP choreographies.

Weekends are even more so precious when you are part of a dance crew, especially if there is an upcoming performance or competition that you are part of.

To be able to stand on stage takes courage, to be performing on stage takes a lot more courage. To all KPOP fans who have been standing on stage, performing like the oppars and unnies who have inspired us, here's a bow and a round of applause from us. Keep practicing and keep doing what you enjoy doing!

And for those who have been deliberating over whether or not to sign up for the next KPOP dance lesson, stop hesitating! Just go ahead and have the fun you want to have!

That being said, of course, things that we do on Friday nights are not limited to this list. What do YOU do on your Friday nights? Feel free to tweet us your ideas of an exciting Friday night!

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