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KARA - Step
by MomoFish on Wednesday, October 19th, 2011 at 5:02 am


Queen of K-Pop? This upcoming months, we’ll have the best girl groups having their comebacks and fighting for the number one spot! One of them is known to be Kara. Their 3rd mini album has been released on several sites on September 9th with 10 tracks on this album. Having being in Japan for the past year, they’re finally ready to step it up back in Korea once again with their highly anticipated album. Let’s check out what are the tracks I personally think are great in this album!

1. EY! OH!
2. Step
3. Ride
4. Strawberry
5. Follow
6. Date
7. I Am… (Accoustic Version)
8. Kara 4 U
9. Step [Inst]
10. Dear Kamilia

First thing first my overall impression of this album was just totally in the big league of the game! Every track in this album is just notably remarkable! I found myself loving all the tracks that was on this album after I’ve listened to it once. Every track has its own uniqueness. It’s just that impressive!

“Step” is the title track of this album. The girls chose the right title track chose for the highly anticipated comeback! The beats behind has a 100% psychological effect that’ll get you with just a listen. Right after the addictive beats there’s also chorus that’ll stick to you. Not even going to exaggerate but it’s just great!

One more notable track I would recommend is “Date”. You could simply identify that it’s a track from Kara as it bears a really obvious vibe throughout the song. What’s essential in a side track is all in it and beware that it is also another deeply addictive track!

Overall Rating: (Listen to it and you’ll know why it deserves this)

Also, don't forget to check out on their latest MV "Step"

Video Credit : DSPKara @ YT

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