[REVIEW] Sistar - So Cool

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Sistar - So Cool
by MomoFish on Thursday, September 01st, 2011 at 5:03 pm


S I S T A R! Look what we have here, Sistar has finally released their first album ever since debut. Sistar is wel-known for their lively and catchy tracks. Remember their previous hits like “Push Push”, “Shady Girl” & “How Dare You”? I’m sure most of us know how to rock to these tunes of theirs. Let’s get straight into the album review without further ado and talk about how I feel about a few selected tracks.

1. Let's Get The Party Started
2. So Cool
3. Girls Do It
4. Follow Me
5. New World
6. I Do Not Want A Weak Man
7. How Dare You
8. Over
9. Oh Baby
10. Shady Boy
11. Push Push
12. Ma Boy (Special Version)

This album has a total of 12 tracks, quite a feast for your ears. Five brand new tracks that has never been heard before while the rest of it has been released before from their previous albums. My first impression upon hearing the new tracks was that the music style of Sistar seems to have changed a little as familiar vibes was not heard BUT it’s definitely for a good change as it gives me a fresh impression of the group again.

And most of us would have known that the title track for Sistar would be “So Cool” right? Indeed the track alone has a chic and cool vibe throughout and it is REALLY catchy as it has particular part that’ll be left spinning in your head. A good title track for their first full-length album.

Just one more track that we would like to emphasize is “Follow Me”. It has an inspirational like beats somehow and you’ll be lighten up the instant you hear it. Raps are spread out proportionally and not forgetting the voices that brings up the song’s hype!

As of now I’m enjoying the new tracks quite a lot and it’ll stay in my head for awhile. Only downside is that this album does not have enough ballads in it to showcase Sistar’s outstanding vocals.

Overall Rating: (Most of the tracks are addictive and fresh but lacks of ballad tracks in the album)

Also, don't forget to check out on their latest MV "So Cool"

Video Credit : starshipTV @ YT

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