[REVIEW] miss A - A Class

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miss A - A Class
by MomoFish on Thursday, August 04th, 2011 at 5:23 pm


Do you guys remember back in the year 2010, a rookie girl group debuted with a track that was a big hit? Yep, that’s right! These 4 girls have finally released their 1st full length album after a year since their debut. The album itself consist of 4 new tracks, 1 remix title and the remaining are from their previous singles. First impression I had from listening to the new tracks was great and noticed that the producers has maintained the “miss A style” in them but still managed to keep a fresh wash for my ears. Without further ado, let’s get into the track listings and my thoughts on this album!

1. One To Ten
2. Good Bye Baby
3. Help Me
4. Break It
5. Mr. Johnny
6. Play The Music DJ
7. Step Up
8. Breathe
9. Blankly
10. Love Again
11. Love Alone
12. Good Bye Baby (Silver Mix)

First track off the album, “One To Ten”, is a remarkable track that’s going to blow your mind. You can tell that it is a song by miss A from your first listen as the vibe was definitely there. The main highlight for me was the perfectly synchronized beats with the piano in the background. Last gimmick I liked was the clear strong structure found in the chorus, bridge and closing was clearly marked down.

Next up, the title track of the album “Good Bye Baby”, which the girls will be promoting, has a really strong beat accompanied throughout the track. If you guys were to listen to it carefully, it actually kind of relates to their previous hits “Bad Girl Good Girl” and “Breathe” as it sounds similar to it but of course with a few edits to make it sounds fresh.

Overall, this album has surpassed what I’ve expected from them in a good way and they’ve maintained the unique style they always had since debut. Only cons from this album was that some of the tracks sounded pretty similar to each other and that could cause some small confusion, no biggie of course!

Overall Rating: (First full length album ever release, this needs some support and attention for sure)

Also, don't forget to check out on their latest teaser "Good Bye Baby"

Video Credit : missA @ YT

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