[COVERAGE] SingTel Samsung Galaxy Tab launch featuring G.NA

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SingTel Samsung Galaxy Tab launch featuring G.NA
by Taiga_C on Wednesday, November 17th, 2010 at 6:56 pm


Greeting to fellow SG K-Wavers! This is reporter Taiga_C reporting.

We would like to thank Singtel and Samsung for inviting G.NA, the gorgeous singer from CUBE Entertainment, to our sunny island once again ever since her last visit on September this year. This time round she is here on the 13th of November for the launching of Samsung's latest product, the Samsung GALAXY Tab.

Brief information on this marvellous gadget:

"The Galaxy Tab allows users to enjoy PC-like web-browsing and multimedia content on a striking 7-inch display. Users can stay connected via voice and video calls, emails, SMS/MMS and social networks on the move. Powered by the Android 2.2 operating system, the Galaxy Tab supports the latest Adobe Flash Player and is able to play music and HD video in a wide range of formats."

In cooperating with the Samsung Galaxy Tab, SingTel has developed a wide range of innovative applications to bring the best out of the Galaxy Tab’s 7-inch display and rich multimedia capabilities.

With SingTel’s new De!ite app, users can download and view a wide selection of Singapore’s most loved magazines. This includes popular titles such as Hardware Magazine, Australasia Scuba Diver and ZbBz. Besides its basic reading function, De!ite also allows readers to perform keyword searches, make side notes and share their favourite excerpts on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, customers will enjoy one-stop convenience with all magazine purchases charged to their monthly SingTel bill. To keep customers entertained on the go, the Galaxy Tab is pre-loaded with SingTel’s award-winning AMPed social music service and MobileTV video streaming service. Customers will also be able to catch the football action of the Barclay’s Premier League. SingTel’s exCiteTV service for the home has been adapted for the new category of devices, starting with the Galaxy Tab. This new service, called exCite Video, allows users to enjoy the widest range of videos that the Internet has to offer. It also incorporates a powerful search engine that brings together the latest and best videos on the web.

Back to the event, the launching of the Galaxy Tab had attracted a huge crowd consisting of Singtel’s customers and G.NA's fans at the SingTel Comcentre.

Before the start of the event, the host invited VIPs, from both Singtel and Samsung, up to the stage prior to the launch of the Galaxy Tab.

3.... 2.... 1.... The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Tab is finally launched in Singapore!!!

Soon after the launch, G.NA took over the stage and kicked start with the main highlight of the event. The powerful singer started off with her hit song “SUPA SOLO” and brought the crowd to the hyper state. Her performance did not end just yet, she performed 3 more songs including her title song " I'll Back Off So You Can Live". Check out the performances below:

With a brief introduction on Galaxy Tab by G.NA and the host, we get to know that besides having a powerful vocal, G.NA, a Canadian-born Korean, speaks fluent English. This is a massive boost to her popularity and career, especially in Singapore.

The event concluded with a photo taking session with G.NA together with the VIPs, first batch of Samsang Galaxy Tab customers and our lovely local G.NA's fans.

A few selected fans were able to take group photo with G.NA. Nevertheless, the fans played a part in the success of the event with their continuous cheering for G.NA and G.NA, to show gratitude to her fans, responding back in a cute manner. The mini interaction between G.NA and her fans during the photo taking, showed the friendliness of our foreign guest.

Last but not least, SG K-Wave would like to congratulate Singtel and Samsung for the success of launching the Samsung Galaxy Tab. With the Galaxy Tab available now in Singapore, Singaporean can get their hand on one of the latest and innovative gadget at a much affordable price, credit to Singtel and Samsung.

This will conclude my report on Samsung Galaxy Tab launching Event. SG K-Wave will definitely be anticipated for the next event organise by Singtel and Samsung. We will see you guys next time!

Taiga_C signing out.

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SingTel Samsung Galaxy Tab launch featuring G.NA Photo Gallery

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