[CONTEST] RainbowSG Dance Cover Contest

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RainbowSG Dance Cover Contest
by Taiga_C on Thursday, November 18th, 2010 at 8:06 pm


RainbowSG will be doing a dance cover contest so all of you will be able to join.
As Rainbow songs are limited & not to disappoint some other great dancers whom support Rainbow but are good at other dances as well, they are doing a collaboration!

Below are the 2 categories:

Rainbow category:
“Gossip Girl”

Others category:
“Hoot” - SNSD
“Nu Abo” - f(x)
“Shady Girl” - Sistar
“Breathe” - Miss A

You may take part in both the categories, but you will only be awarded winner in 1 category.

Videos will be judged by RainbowSG's admin according to the below criteria:
Dance: /60
Outfit: /30
Teamwork: /10 (Note: If you are doing solo, you total score will be /90 instead of /100)

Deadline: 15th December 2010
Submissions of the video must be made before 15th December 2010.

How to submit:
1) Upload your video to any file sharing website (Megaupload, Mediafire, etc.) & send us your download link to
2) You can upload your video to Youtube as well. However to be fair, we advice you guys to choose option 1 and send them to us instead as we will be doing a final video with all the performances together as a contest recap!

Rainbow category:
$20 HMV Voucher & Mystery Gift

Others category:
$10 HMV Voucher & A poster of your choice

Your dance cover will be put up on RainbowSG's tumblr blog & Facebook page!


Any questions, feel free to e-mail to

Official Forum Thread

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